Chapter 30 Timeline


'Big Science'

1945 - 1965

This was a period in time in the United States where funding for research and development grew five times as fast as the national income. This pulled many European scientists towards the united states, due to the massive number of jobs available.

Yalta Conference

February 1945

The Big Three met on the Black Sea in order to discuss what would become of Germany. The Soviet Union had the upper hand, due to their close proximity to Berlin at the time of the conference. Roosevelt was forced to believe Stalin's peaceful intentions, even though they turned out to be lies.

Potsdam Conference

July 1945

At this conference, Stalin fully recognized that he had lied at Yalta, and said that eastern Europe would not have free elections.

Pakistan created


After India won its freedom from Britain, much violence was avoided by creating a separate Muslim state near India.

Marshall Plan


This was a plan formulated by George Marshall, offering economic aid to all European countries that would resist communism.

NATO is founded


This was an anti-soviet alliance of Western governments designed to resist communism. It was the rival bloc to the Warsaw Pact during the cold war.

Stalin dies


After Stalin's death, Khrushchev took power and immediately began destalinization.

Khrushchev takes power


He immediately began the process of de-Stalinization, or the liberalization of the Soviet Union. He also believed that 'peaceful coexistence' with capitalism was possible, and often worked towards that goal of peace.

The Common Market is created


The goal of this trade union was to rival the United States in economic influence, as well as create a more peaceful environment between the nations.

Brezhnev takes power


Removing Khrushchev from power in a bloodless revolution, Brezhnev launched a massive arms buildup, but also proceeded carefully, as he knew that the United States was the superior force.

Brezhnev Doctrine


This doctrine gave the Soviet Union the right to intervene in any socialist country whenever they saw the need to.