The Timeline of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egyptian Time Span

3100 BC - 100 BC

Upper and Lower Egypt united

3100 BC - 2160 BC

King Menes is the first pharaoh of United Egypt.

Old Kingdom

2750 BC - 2160 BC

Greatest period of achievement in Egypt, Pyramids built and the Potter's wheel was invented.

Wars occur to determine the ruler of Ancient Egypt.

2160 BC - 2040 BC

Middle Kingdom

2040 BC - 1780 BC

Egypt is now ruled by Pharaoh Mentuhotep of Thebes who appears to be strong enough to rule all of Egypt.

Hyksos people invade the Pella area.

1650 BC

Fighting again occurs over the ruler of Egypt and who it should be.

New Kingdom

1570 BC - 1080 BC

Hyksos driven out of Egypt by new Pharaoh Ahmose of Thebes. Egypt is at its strongest. Beautiful temples and colossal statues built

Ancient Egypt falls

1080 BC - 322 BC

Egypt invaded by Persia and other foreign powers. Time of great confusion.