Chapter 27 Timeline


Three Emperors' League


This linked the monarchs of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia.

Alliance of the Three Emperors

1881 - 1887

A secret alliance between Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Germany, intended to reduce tension over the Balkans.

Triple Alliance

1882 - 1915

This was an alliance between Italy, Germany, and Austria that lasted for most of World War I.

Russian-German Reassurance Treaty

1887 - 1890

This secret treaty promised neutrality between Russia and Germany in the event that either was attacked.

Algeciras Conference


This was a conference between France, Britain, and Germany. However, Germany's crude bullying pushed Britain and France closer together, leaving Germany almost completely alone.

The First Balkan War


Serbia joined Greece and Bulgaria to attack the Ottoman Empire. Disputes over the spoils of victory led to the second Balkan War.

The Second Balkan War


A dispute following the First Balkan War when Bulgaria tried to claim all of the spoils of victory. Ultimately Austria intervened and forced Serbia to give up Albania.

Francis Ferdinand assassinated

June 28, 1914

Serbian revolutionaries living in Bosnia assassinated Franz Ferdinand, causing Austria-Hungary to give Serbia an ultimatum.

Russia mobilizes against Austria-Hungary

July 28, 1914

Tsar Nicholas II quickly found that a partial mobilization would be impossible, so he was forced to attack both Austria and Germany.

Third Balkan War

July 28, 1914

Following Serbia's evasive replies to its ultimatum, Austria mobilized its troops against Serbia. Germany gave Austria a 'blank check' to help with the war.

Triple Entente formed

August 1914

This was an alliance between Great Britain, France, and Russia in order to fight off German aggression.

Germany invades Belgium and France

August 3, 1914

Despite earlier promises that Belgium could remain neutral, Germany invaded France by means of going through Belgium. This is the event that truly started world war I.

The Great Easter Rebellion

April 1916

Taking advantage of the strain of total war, Irish nationalists in Dublin tried to rise up against the British, but were put down after about a week, and their leaders were executed.

Rasputin's murder

December 1916

3 members of the high aristocracy in Russia murdered Rasputin, due to his power over all of Russia.

United States declares war on Germany

April 1917

This was mainly due to Germany's use of unrestricted submarine warfare sinking the Lusitania, killing thousands.

Lenin takes power

November 6, 1917

Trotsky and other militants seized the government building and the provisional government. After that they went to the congress of Soviets, where Lenin was voted into power.

The Treaty of Versailles

June 28, 1919

This harsh treaty ended WWI, but it also was very unfair to Germany. Parts of Germany were given to Poland, and its colonies were taken. Finally, Germany was blamed for starting the war, and had to pay reparations for all civilian damages done during the war. In addition, the treaty of Versailles formed the league of nations.