Events Leading to World War Two


1923, November

November, 1923

Hitler trys to take over German Government. He fails and is sent to prison where he writes Mein Kampf (My Struggle) which is essentially all about Hitler and his thoughts.

1926, September

September, 1926

Germany joins the League of Nations which brings Germany out of its depression and gains more world power.

1930, September

September, 1930

The Nazis become the second largest party in Germany.

1931, September

September, 1931

Japan takes over Manchuria, a part of China.

1932, January

January, 1932

Manchukuo (previously known as Manchuria) is run by Japanese government. A war between China and Japan is started and continutes until the end of WW2.

1933, January

January 1933

Hitler becomes Chancellor (leader) of Germany.

1933, October

October 1933

Germany (lead by Hitler) leaves League of Nations and ends disarmament (reduction of military).

1934, June

June 1934

President Hindenburg dies and Hitler takes that position. Now he is president, chancellor, and his political enemies are dead (from Night of Long Knives where he had them killed) Hitler now has all power.

1936, March

March, 1936

Germany succeeds in re-occupying Rhineland which is forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles.

1937, January

January 1937

Hitler formally renounces the Treaty of Versailles.

1938, March

March 1938

Germany annexes Ausria in he Anschluss after a plebiscite and 99% voted with.

1938, September

September, 1938

Hitler demands German speaking part of Czechslovakia (Sudetenland) be given to Gemany. Munich Agreement is created by PM Chamberlain (England).

1939, July

July 1939

US withdraws from 1911 commercial treaty with Japan. Japan has less access to many imports.

1939, September 1

September 1, 1939

Hitler invades Poland without declaration of war.

1939, September 2

September 2, 1939

Britain and France send ultimatums to Germany and declare war the following day.

1939, September 10

September 10, 1939

PM King declares war on Germany (Canada enters war).