The Great


Cassius Marcellus Clay jr.

Jan 17, 1942 - 1951

There was a muralister and he was also christian at the time also his real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay jr.

bake stolne

1952 - 1959

after beating up the kid who stole his bake a cop saw his fighting and took him under his wing. then the cop gave him to Fred Stoner for boxing lessons


1960 - 1963

wins light weight championship and also the gold medal at the summer olympics

heavy weight and marriage

1964 - 1967

wins heavy weight championship and got married to Sonji Roi and divorces her in 1966

jail and marriage

1967 - 1970

does not go to his drift and got fine 10000 and 3 years in prison
he also got married again to Belinda Boyd they had 4 kids

loop hole

1970 - 1971

he go out out of jail but got his license to box taken away but due to loop holes he got back into the ring. he also wins the match in 3 rounds against his first match since he got out of jail.


1971 - 1974

supreme court drop charges from the drift and gets his licenses back he also fights the current heavyweight and loses

heavy weight

1974 - 1978

wins heavy weight championship and ends his second marriage with Belinda Boyd and marries Veronica Porsche an actress


1978 - 1979

has a record of 56-2


1979 - 1980

retires in june 27 with a great record

comes back

1980 - 1982

he boxes for another year and challenges the heavy weight but loses bad

retires for good

1981 - 1984

never boxes again with a record of 56-5

Parkinson's disease

1984 - 1996

diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and end his marriage with his third wife Veronica Porsche in 1986, but he married on the same year to Yolanda Williams


1996 - 1999

carries the torch for the Olympics

life goes on

1999 - 2001

lives in Scottsdale Arizona with is fourth wife