world war 2

Europe at War

Hitlers surprise


Hitler surprised Europe with his fast and efficient attack on Poland.

Poland divided


on September 28, 1939 Germany and the Soviet Union divided Poland

Hitlers Early Victories/ The Battle of Britain

Amphibious attack


Hitler thought that an amphibious attack (land and sea) could be won if they had control over air so in the beginning August 1940 Hitler introduce the air force.

Taken by Surprise


The French and the British were taken by surprise when the German went through the forest instead of around, the French troops were trapped.

Resuming the Attack


on April 9, 1940 Hitler resumed the attack on Denmark.

Help use USA


Germany was now in control of Western and Central Europe. this is when Britain turned to the United States for help, but the United States was under a strict policy of isolationism.

Attack on the Soviet Union

Japan at War

The Allies Advance

The European Theeater

The Asian Theater

Last Years of the War

The European Theater