Incas from Peru conquer northern Chile.


This is important because they took over part of Chile.

Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan


Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan becoames the first European to sight Chile as he Sails through the strait now named after him
He was the first person from across the world to see Chile.

Perdro devaldivia begins the spanish Conquest of Chile.


He founds Santiago the capital city
It's important becuase it's still there capital today.

Chile wins independence from spain


Because chile is now in its own.

Chile goes to war against peru and Bolivia, Chile wins Anagasta.

1879 - 1883

Anagasta, Bolivias only outlet to the sea along the mine rich lands.
This is important becuase win there outlet means a you are pretty much going to win

A new consititution grants workers extensiverights


and calls for the presidant and congress to be popularly elected.This is important because there country was changing

General Augusto Pinochlet leads the armed forces in the over throw of Allende.


Pinochet establishes a brutal dictatorship. This is important because they are put under Pinochet

Patricio Alywin is elected president.


they got new president.

Michele Bachelet becomes Chiles firts women President


She was the first and thatis a big change for Chile.

Nomadic hunters settle along what is now South America's west coast


This is important because they were the first people there and stayed there from 313000B.C.-10000B.C.