Bolivia- Kendall


Spanish conquer Bolivia, which becomes part of the Vice- royalty of Peru.


It's important because Spanish conquers Bolivia.

Bolivia becomes independent with Simon Bolivar as it's president


It's important becasue Bolivia became independent.

Peace agreement between Bolivia and Peru.


It's important because peace was made.

Bolivia becomes landlock after losing mineral rich, to Chile.

1879 - 1884

It's important because Bolivia becomes landlock.

Oil was discovered in the footfills of the Andes of the Chaco.


It is important because oil was discovered.

Vice-president Rene Barrientos stages military coup.


This is important because the vice-president became the military coup.

Twenty- one thousand miners lose their jobs of the tin market.


It is important because so many miners lost their job.

Bush fires destroy hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland.


It is important because the farmland was destoryed and they have to start all over.

February- more than 30 killed in violent protests against propsed income tax.


It is important because 30 people were killed in a violent protest.

Bolivian labor leader was served as president of Bolivia.


This is important because he was the leader and the president.

January- Government dropd plans to raise fuel prices by more than 70%.


It's important because the government dropped plans just to raise fuel prices.