Osama BIn Laden Captured


9/11 George Bush gives a speech

September 11 2001

George Bush gives a speech on the 9/11 tragedy, and promises to bring the people behind this act of terrorism to justice

US rounds up Al Qaeda members in Guantanamo Bay


They interrogate the detainees to get information on key leaders of the organization

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad captured in Karachi, Pakistan

March 2003

Abu Faraj al-Libi captured

May 2005

He revealed that the courier is a link between Osama bin Laden and the outside world. US Intelligence sets to work intercepting telephone calls

Us intelligence discovers where courier and his brother operate


Pakistan provides information hinting that Osama may be in Abbottabad, Afghanistan

Al Kuwaiti spotted driving vehicle near Peshwar.

July 2010

his movements are tracked

Al Kuwaiti unknowingly leads agents to compound

August 2010

Safe house set up in Abbottabad to observe the compound

October 2010

Evidence for Osama being in the compound amounts

February 2011

The US now can consider developing a course of action for getting Osama bin Laden

President meets with security council to discus options

14 March 2011

They disagree on whether to use a missile or air strike, or to mount a helicopter landing assault on the compound

Security Council decides on helicopter assault

22 March 2011

Helicopter assault is decided, because we can be sure to get Bin Laden