India and the stuff that happened.


Mughal Empire emerges


The Marathas fight for independence from the Mughal Empire

1681 - 1707

The Marathas Empire exists

1707 - 1818

BEIC had established secure centres of power in India


7 Year War over French, British ad Spanish fightin over Americas and Asia

1756 - 1763

Battle of Plassey beginning the BEIC’s rise to power.


BEIC becomes the official ruler of Bengal


English is made the official language of India


The people of India used to speak Indian.
The British became quite powerful in India, therefore they introduced their own preference of language upon the inhabitants. The country began to speak the "King's English" per say.

British territories stretch along the entire Eastern coast of India


The British government ends the BEIC’s monopoly on trade.


BEIC is ordered to stop trading in India


The Doctrine of Lapse

1848 - 1856

First railway opens in India


The British have brought the Industrial Revolution with them to India. As the British have gained a significant amount of control in India, it was not large effort to have it introduced. The Indians changed the way they travel because of the British influence to advance their technology. All they did up until that point was more basic modes of transport. HOW EXCITING!

The Indian Rebellion

1857 - 1858

People were upsetted by the unfair treatment of the things the British were introducing. They were trying to get the British to discontinue their plans. They had not rebelled before, this is why it is both important and called "The First" Indian Rebellion.

The end of the last Mughal emperor’s reign. He was Bahdur Shah II.


A group of sepoys shoot their commanding officers starting the Indian Rebellion.


British East India Company Becomes Part of The British Empire


British East India Company hand over region to British Government


Suez Canal opens. Increases number of British Living in India


India is becoming ruled more by the British.
The Indians are letting the British consume their country in a way. They used to be an Indian majority country.

British East India Company closes down


9000 miles of railway operating in India.