Ruby Bridges



Sep. 8, 1954

Born in Tylerville, Mississippi



Moved to New Orleans at the age of four.

All Black School


Went to kindergarten at a all black school Johnson Locket Elementary School.

Spring of 1959

May 1, 1959

Took a test to see if she should be integrated into a white school.

Summer of 1959

July 1, 1959

Contacted by the NAACP and told she passed the school board test and she was going to a integrated school.

Slowed down.

Sep. 1, 1959

Ruby couldn't start her first grade year at the new school because law makers found a way to slow down integration. Judge made a new deadline for November 14th.


Nov. 14, 1960 - Nov. 20, 1960

Riots broke out on the streets of New Orleans and there were many protests during the first week of school integration.


Nov. 14,1960

Ruby was picked up by U.S. Marshals who drove her to her new school. On the first day of school all she did was sit in the principal's office with her mother and was not aloud to go to class. When they left the school there was a huge crowd protesting against integration.

2nd Day

Nov. 15, 1960

Ruby met her first white teacher Mrs.Henry. She was taught in a classroom by herself and was not aloud to go to the cafeteria or to go outside for recess.


Dec. 1, 1960

Returned from Thanksgiving break protesters and crowds getting smaller in front of the school. People from around the country mailed letters of encouragement and sent gifts to help support Ruby and her family.


Jan. 2, 1961

Bonded with Mrs.Henry though the winter and started to enjoy school. Started to meet with Dr.Coles the psychiatrist. Ruby had trouble eating and sleeping because of being stressed.

End of 1st Grade

June 1961

Towards the end of the school year Ruby visited with some of the children. She received excellent grades from Mrs.Henry but the principle wanted to make them lower.

2nd Grade

Sep. 1961

Ruby went on to second grade with a new teacher and a full class and there were no protesters outside for her new school year.