Northvale History


Race Wars

1739 - 2010

Northvale Academy Opens

August 17, 2011


James and Amelia Redferne killed

August 2012




Trudels arrive in the New World


Oriel and Arlette settle in New Orleans



Ice Boreai Evolve


Legend says a young Chinese shaman had traveled north into Siberia in search of new trade routes. He became lost in the wastelands and was near death when he reached a small lake controlled by water faeries. The faeries were protective of their water source, and wouldn't let it be tainted by a sorcerer. They allowed the shaman to slowly die of thirst within sight of water. With his dying breaths, the shaman placed a curse on the faeries, declaring they should lose their wings and their souls would become as cold and ruthless as their actions.

Dark Boreai Evolve


Inspiring the legend of the jinn, it is said that a clan of soul faeries had been captured by a group of Persian tradesmen and forced to bring happiness to their friends and desolation to their enemies. In their rage, the faeries became corrupted and furious, and turned on their masters. After forcing every last man, woman, and child in the tribe to kill themselves, the soul fae forever lost their ability to control positive emotions.

Lightning Boreai Evolve


According to legend, the Aztec people once worshiped the faeries, offering them positions of power and regular offerings. After their migration to Mesoamerica, they developed new mythology and devoted themselves to the sun god Huitzilopochtli. To prove their new loyalty, they drove the faeries out of their homes and into the hills. To punish them, a group of air faeries brought storms down on the Aztec cities. A few of them were struck by their own lightning and transformed into lightning boreai

Light Boreai Evolve


Prior to the Islamic Empire's invasion of Egypt, faeries had been somewhat open with their powers in the area. After the invasion, fire faeries, who were the most publicly visible, were accused of being demons and jinn, and were driven south into the Egyptian desert. According to boreai mythology, in their rage the fire faeries retaliated by setting the desert itself on fire. Because their emotions were so uncontrollable and their numbers so large, they lost control of the fire. It grew miles across and burned for three days, consuming the faeries that had created it. The flames died out and revealed that the fae were still alive, but changed into light boreai.

Metal Boreai Evolve


According to legend, a group of earth faeries had inhabited an area now known as Hesse, Germany for several centuries before the area began to urbanize. After the foundation of the city of Weisbaden, the lack of natural surroundings broke the earth faeries' spirits. As a result, they became dull and emotionless creatures, lost their faerie forms, and learned to embrace the metal that surrounded them.

Boreai Admitted to Northvale

January 2013