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Madagascar Events

First Rebellions against French Rule

1918 - 1919

The people of Madagascar first began rising up against the French- thought to be influenced by France being weakened in World War 1.

Malagasy Uprising

1947 - 1948

Malagasy nationalists rose up against the French, who crushed the rebellion.

First Republic of Madagascar

1960 - 1972

This period was characterized by close ties to France. Protests ended Tsiranana's rule in 1972.

Madagascar's Independence

June 26, 1960 - June 27, 1960

Madagascar gained independence from France. Philbert Tsiranana was the new president.

Transitional Government

1972 - 1975

The military acted as a transitional government from the First to the Second Republic of Madagascar

Second Republic of Madagascar

1975 - 1991

Ratsiraka ruled Madagascar and followed Socialist principles.

Third Republic of Madagascar

1992 - 2010

A democratic government existed in Madagascar. Various presidents created new issues for the country, although they solved some problems.

Fourth Republic of Madagascar

2010 - 2013

A referendum brought about the Fourth Republic of Madagascar.



1948 - 1994

Severe racial segregation occurs in parts of Africa

African Nationalism

1950 - 1966

The majority of African nations gain independence from imperialist nations.

South Africa- Same Sex Marriage

2006 - 2007

South Africa becomes the first African nation to allow same sex marriage.


World War I

1914 - 1918

World War I weakened the French, inspiring revolts in Madagascar. It also caused African nationalism to grow.

World War II

1939 - 1945

The French began granting independence to several of its colonies after World War II as it realized that it could no longer support all of them.

Cold War

1947 - 1991

The Cold War influenced the government in each of the Republics of Madagascar. Madagascar transitioned from a Socialist government to a democratic government when the USSR fell in 1991.