French Guiana


Englishman Sir Walter Raleigh explored French Guinana


It describes who found French Guiana.

French Settlement


A reason why it's called Frech Guiana

French abandoned French Guiana, Dutch took over

1652 - 1654

Some of the backround knowledge of the ethnic groups.

French attacked Berbice and Pomeroon(Dutch settlements)

1708 - 1712

Shows the way for the frech.

Frech sent out about 12,000 volunteer colonists no more than 918 came back

1763 - 1765

This is the devistation that they experinced.

Frech again took over French Guiana


It shows how indecicive the French are.Just kidding! Well, it is a look in to the behind the sences things.

The first steam sugar mills were introduced;


What there econamy was built off of.

A large body of African immigrants was introduced.


How slavery came about.

Infamous penal colony of Devil's Island was eliminated slowly

1938 - 1951

Part of there island that colapsed

CNES space agency used a Island as a location to track cameras


It describes there Space craft systme