Religion Timeline


Ancestral Period

1800 BC - 1500 BC

Storyteller- Southern Kingdom- Jahwist

960 BC - 930 BC

Storyteller- Northern Kingdom- Elohist

900 BC - 850 BC


900 BC - 722 BC

Syrio-Ephramite War

734 BC - 732 BC

Proverbs written at some point

715 BC - 687 BC

Joshua was written at some point and Judges shortly after

700 BC - 600 BC


550 BC - 450 BC

Persian Period

540 BC - 333 BC

Nehemiah advocates for religious practice

445 BC - 430 BC


430 BC - 345 BC


420 BC - 345 BC

Romans written- Galatians around same time

50 AD - 60 AD

Gospels written- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

70 AD - 90 AD

Individual Events


1290 BC

Israel is in the land.

1250 BC

Mammoth and giant bison are extinct due to climate warming and weapon success.

1000 BC

United monarchy

1000 BC

Divided monarchy

922 BC

Traditional date for the first athletic contest at Olympia.

776 BC

Fall of Israel

721 BC

Babylon is victorious over Egypt

605 BC

The "choros", a dance, becomes centerpiece of the developing Greek theater.

600 BC

Frenzied dances become part of Greek theater

600 BC


600 BC

Judah loses in attempt to revolt against Babylon

597 BC

Judah revolts for second time against Babylon- temple is destroyed

587 BC

Samuel completed- Ruth written sometime during Davidic monarchy

586 BC

Thales, the first philosopher, predicts a solar eclipse.

585 BC

Governor of Judah is assassinated- Judah loses third revolt

582 BC

Return from exile with Cyrus leading

538 BC


520 BC

Hockey, like polo, is a team game in the Persian empire.

500 BC

Empedocles states that all matter is made up of earth, fire, air and water.

450 BC


400 BC

Hippocrates founded an influential school of medicine.

400 BC

Plato establishes a school in Akademeia, a suburb of Athens.

387 BC

The Macedonians develop the catapult.

340 BC

Alexander- Hellenistic age

322 BC

The organ is invented in Alexandria.

250 BC

The chinese develop the crossbow.

250 BC

Maccabean War

167 BC


165 BC

Romans enter Jerusalem

63 BC

Julius Caesar is assassinated

44 BC


33 AD

Beginning of 2nd century

40 CE

A great fire in Rome burns the city to the ground.

64 AD

Jewish rebellion

66 AD

Temple Destroyed

70 AD

Coliseum opens in Rome

79 AD


80 AD


95 AD

New testament completion

367 CE