Civil War Stephen


Abraham Lincon was just elected to be our next president.

November 1860

South carolina left the union.

December 20, 1860

The Southern states have formed the confederade states of america.

february 1861

They chose a president called Jefferson Davis.

february 1861

The confederates just attacked the Fort Sumter.

april 12, 1861

The confederate army won the battle of Bull Run.

july 21,1861

Robert E Lee was selected by the confederate army as new general in-cheif.

june 1, 1862

Lincon made a document to free all slave called Emancipation Proclamation.

January 1, 1863

General Lee defeated the union today at Chancellorsville.

May 4, 1863

The Union army won at Vicksburg and Gettys Burg.

july 4, 1863

General Lee surrendered at Appomattox.


Abe Lincon got shot by John Wilkes Booth.