The triumphs of Crusades


Heading into Birmngham

1957 - 1963

The most segregated cities in America was responded to by M.L.K. who was invited to Birmngham by religious leader Shuttlesworth only to be arrested after days of protest.

A formidable bus ride


A brave pact called the freedom riders traversed the south to test the having been outlawed bus and facility segregation.
As predicted these revolutionary figures were confronted by an irate mob.

Integrating ole miss


James Meredith was granted admission into Mississippi university . Like Brown James was escourted to school to guard agains the opposition.

Kennedy takes a stand


Kennedy sent troops to Alabama to honor the negation of the University thereof. In response NACCP secretary was murdered with a sniper sending a fierce message to this change.

The dream of equality


August 28 marks the day which a new dream was introduced at the demand of be passage of the civil right bill.

More violence


Civil rights act of 1964 carried n by Kennedy's trustee singened this act which prohibited discrimination by race religion origin and gender from all facilities.

Voting rights of 1965


This act eliminated literacy test which disqualified many voters. It also vested power of gov to grant suffrage to individuals which was denied by local state officials.