The Cold War Era


Cold War

1945 - 1991

Berlin Airlift

1948 - 1949

The Berlin airlift was a way to transport food, fuel, and other supplies to west Berlin. By may 1949 west Berlin set up a blockade

Korean War

1950 - 1954

In the Korean war the united states and united nations defend south Korea. While in north Korea, China is helping them with there advances. China had entered the war by 1951. By July 1953 both sides signed an armistice ending the war.

Berlin Wall

1950 - 1961

The Berlin wall was a wall that kept people from coming in to East Germany. The Berlin wall was built in 1961, it was created by the government. It became a symbol that divided Europe from the rest of the world.

Cuban Missile Crisis


On October 1962, the president found out that the Soviets were building secret missiles on Cuba.

Vietnam War

1968 - 1975

In the 1940s the United states slowly became involved in Vietnam war. They were involved because of the communist Ho Chi Minh. The war had ended on January 1973 in a cease fire agreement. The war had 58,000 american soldiers and more than one million civilians or soldiers lost there lives.