Ecuador-Angela Gauerke

This is a timeline of Ecuador history.


Defeated the Incas


There was recently a civil war between Ecuador and the Incans. The defeat, led by Fransico Pizzaro, ended the fighting.

Ecuador Became Part of Peru


Ecuador had been striving to become and independent country and being conquered by Peru and becoming part of the Spanish Vice-royalty of Peru kind of crushed that dream.

Strives To Become an Independent Country


After being under Spanish rule for over a century, they wanted to become independent. That had always been a goal for them.



Ecuador had recently been under Spanish control and so it was a big deal to become independent.

Grows in Banana Trading

1948 - 1960

Ecuador needed something to sustain the people and the growth in banana trading brought prosperity to the people of Ecuador.

Begins Producing Oil


Ecuador began exporting oil and has become one of the world's largest oil exporters.It benefits the economy greatly.

War Against Peru Over Cordillera del Condor


The mountain range, Cordillera del Condor, sits right on the border of Ecuador and Peru. They fought over who owned it.

Abdala Bucaram Ortiz Becomes President

1996 - 1997

His election brought controversy to the country. People claimed that he demanded money and harassed those who didn't pay. But, there were those of the population who believed that he was framed when his rivals planted drugs on him and so they supported him.

Fabian Alarcon Becomes President

1997 - 1998

Abdala Ortiz was charged for being mentally crazy and so someone had to take his place as president. Fabian Alarcon was elected to do so, but he gave up his presidency the following year.

Peace Treaty Signed


Peru invaded Ecuador in 1941 and seized a large portion of territory. War broke out in 1981 and again in 1995. They then signed a peace treaty ending a 60-year old border dispute.