Spanish colonization begins on the north-east


This is important because it was the first time Venezuela had been colonized in their history.

The Independence Act is signed


This is important because the people of Venezuela got their independence at this time.

Venezuela becomes an independent republic

1829 - 1830

This is important because until then they remained a part of Gran Colombia.

General Jose` Antonio Paez becomes the first president


This was important because he established the model of a strongman in rule.

120 people are killed in 2 attempted coups by Chavez


This is important because the coup was lead in secret and the 2nd one was lead even though the 1st one had killed 18 people and injured 60.

Sever floods and mudslides occur in Venezuela


This is important because it killed tens of thousands of people.

President Chavez appears on TV to hail 49 reform laws


This is important because these reforms included oil industry reforms and oil is one of Venezuela's main exports.

Government opposition sign deal brokered by the organization of American States


This is important because it sets out the framework for the referendum on Hugo Chavez's rule.

Clashes between supporters and opponents of President Chavez occur


This is important because many many innocent people were killed or injured during the clashes.

Government is in the battle against inflation


This is important because, because of the battle against inflation the price of common and basic goods is extended.