Religion 121 O Timeline



2000 bc - 1800 bc

Creation, The Flood, and Babel

Ancestor Stories

1800 B.C. - 1500 bc

The lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph


1450 bc - 1250 bc

Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians, but God led Moses to free them and bring them to the Promise land.

Period of the Judges

1250 bc - 1000 bc

Period of time when Israel had a series of leaders after Moses including Joshua. Throughout this time there were many crises.

Israel in the Promise Land

1250 bc

Trojan War

1184 bc

Trojan War and Greeks enter Troy using Trojan Horse

United Monarchy

1000 bc - 922 bc

Period of time when Saul, David, and Solomon ruled.

Divided Monarchy

922 bc - 722 bc

Solomon's sons Reheboam and Jeroboam ruled the southern kingdom of Judah and the northern kingdom of Israel respectively.

First Olympic Games

776 bc

Foundation of Rome

753 bc

Romulus and Remus found the city of Rome

Proto Isaiah

747 bc - 735 bc

Social Criticism, Vision/ Call of Israel

Syrio Israel War

734 bc - 732 bc

Israel tries to fight the Assyrians

Israel Falls

721 bc

Judah Stands Alone

721 bc - 586 bc

Israel has been conquered and Judah is left alone.

Assyrian Invasion

721 bc

Assyria invades Israel and conquers them.

Israel Rebels Again

705 bc - 701 bc

Foundation of Japan

660 bc

Babylon vs. Egypt

605 bc

Babylon defeats Egypt


600 bc

Judah Revolts

597 bc

First deportation

Second Judah Revolt

587 bc

deportation and Jerusalem is overrun and the Temple is destroyed

Babylonian Invasion

586 bc - 539 bc

Babylon invades Judah and it is conquered and sent into exile.

Pythagorus Lives

585 bc - 501 bc

Third Judah Revolt

582 bc

The people left in Judah revolt and assassinate governor and lose. More people are deported.

Trito Isaiah

539 bc


539 bc

Babylon falls to the Persians
War is Over
Sin is pardoned
Exile ends

Persian Rule

538 bc - 322 bc

Persian Empire rules

Return from Exile

538 bc

Cyrus of Persia conquers Babylon and allows the people to return from their exile.

Siddharta Gautama becomes Buddha "Awakened One"

528 bc

Temple of Zeus is constructed

470 bc


445 bc - 430 bc

City of London Begins

400 bc

Hellenistic Rule

322 bc - 165 bc

The Greeks rule nd much of the culture becomes Greek in their empire.

1st recorded passage of Halley's Comet

240 bc

First Emperor of China

221 bc

Shih Huang Ti unifies China for the 1st time

Great Wall of China is completed

200 bc

Jewish Revolt and Recapture

167 bc - 63 bc

Jews revolt and start the Maccabean War in 167 bc
165 bc they temporarily recapture Jerusalem until 63 bc

Independent Judah

165 bc - 63 bc

Judah becomes independent

Romans enter Jerusalem

63 bc

Roman Rule

63 bc - 135 ad

The Roman Empire conquers Israel and Judah.

Julian Calendar takes effect

45 bc

Julius Caesar Murdered

44 bc

Brutus and Cassius stab Caesar to death

Julius Caesar is murdered

44 bc

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

33 ad

Jewish Rebellion

66 ad

Romans Destroy Temple and Gospels are written

70 ad - 90 ad

Mayan Civilization begins

200 ad

Koran is Written

622 ad