The triumphs of a crusade


september 1962

september 1962

James Meredith won a federal court case that allowed him to enroll in the all white university of mississippi.

May 2 1963

may 2 1963

more than a thousand children marched into birmingham. 956 were arested. the next day a second children crusade took place but the children were faced with a full police brutality and was televised to million of viewers.

freedom speech

august 28, 1963

on this date martin luther king jr gave a speech that inspired an end to segregation and for the civil rights act to be passed

July 2 1964

july 2 1964

johnson signed the civil rights act of 1964 which prohibited discrimination because of race, religion, national origin, and gender.

voting right of act 1965


That summer , congress passed the johnson's voting rights act of 1965.

may 21 1965

may 21 1965

march to montgomery started with 3000 people and grew to an army of 25000 for the voting rights act to be passed