Triumphs of a Crusade


Integrating Ole Miss


James Meredith won a court case to enroll into an all white university. Governor Ross Barnet did not allow him to enroll as a student. Kennedy ordered federal marshals to escort him to enroll. After 200 arrests, 2 deaths and 15 hours, he was permitted to enroll.

Heading into Birmingham

April 3, 1963

King flew to Birmingham to hold his planning meeting with members of the African American community. "This is the most segregated city in America. King and a small band were arrested during a demonstration on Good Friday , April 12th and bailed on the 20th. On may 3rd police swept marchers off their feet with hoses and setting attack dogs on them. The whole world saw this and this convinced president Kennedy that only a new civil rights act could end this segregation.

Kennedy Takes A Stand

June 11, 1963

On June 11, 1963 President Kennedy sent troops to force governor George Wallace to honor a court order of desegregating the university of Alabama. Sniper killed Medgar Evers Naacp field secretary and world war 2 veteran.

The Dream of Equality

August 28, 1963

More than 250,000, black and white, assembled at the Washington Monument and marched to the Lincoln Memorial. Here, they spectated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. give his famous speech " I Have a Dream"

Civil Rights Act of 1964


Prohibited discrimination because of race, religion, national origin, and gender. It also gave ALL citizens the right to enter libraries, parks, washrooms, restaurants, theaters, and other public accomodations.

Freedom summer

June 1964

Civil rights groups recruited college students to help their cause and trained them in non violence resistance. It was a dangerous job because while voting, two white men who were helping the civil right groups were murdered by klansmen and police officers.
All throughout that summer people were being murdered and beaten.