1545 Spanish conquer


1545 the Spanish conquered Bolivia.This is important because if spanish did not conquer Bolivia would be different.

1600 Tiahuanaco founded


1600 the city of Tiahuanaco was founded in what is now Bolivia.If Bolivia was not found it would not be called Bolivia or even be the same.

1810 Nepoleon/King


1810 Napoleon overthrown the king. It is important because they love their country.

1825 independence


1825 Bolivia decared its independnence from Peru liberated by Simon Bolivar,for whom the Bolivia nation was later named. It is important because,16 years they struggled needed before the republic.

1851 national anthem


In 1851 the national anthem was boren. It is important because, they respect their country.

1851 writted national anthem


1851 the national anthem was written by Jose Ignacio de Sanjines. It is important because, they love their country.

1851 music


1851 the music was composed by Leopoldo Benedetto Vincenti. It is important because, if there was no music it would get very boring.

1928 oil discovery


1928 oil was discovered in the foot hills of the Andes at the western Bolivian region of the Chaco. If they did not discover oil they would not be rich with it.


war in 1879


In Bolivia,there is a profound contempt towards chile which originated with the pacific war of 1879. It is important because, it is what made Bolivia Bolivia.

1965 War


In 1965, a Guerrilla movement mounted from Cuba and headed by Maj.Emest Guevara began a revolutionary war. It is important because, it is what makes up Bolivia.