Untitled timeline


King Snefru

2613 BC - 2589 BC

King Snefru was the first Pharaoh of the forth dynasty. He was the successor of Huni and his own successor was King Khufu. King Snefru managed to make 3 pyramids during his reign

King Khufu

2598 BC - 2566 BC

King Khufu, the successor of King Snefru was a pharaoh during the fourth dynasty. He is accepted to have built the great pyramids of giza.

Queen Hatshepsut

1479 BC - 1458 BC

Queen Hatshepsut was the fifth ruler of the eighteenth dynasty. She is commended as the best female ruler of Ancient Egypt.

King Thutmose III

1479 BC - 1425 BC

King Thutmose was the successor of Queen Hatshepsut, His Stepmother and aunt. He ruled fifty four years before passing the throne to Amenhotep.

King Amenhotep III

1391 BC - 1353 BC

King Amenhotep III was part of the eighteenth dynasty. He was the son and sucessor. He tomb has been located in the valley of the kings but it is unsure how he died, whether illness or obesity.


1353 BC - 1336 BC

Akhenaten is mostly noted for abandoning Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship to Aten. He ruled for 17 years and died in 1334 or 1336.


1353 BC - 1336 BC

Nefertiti was one of the few queens to rule Ancient Egypt. She ruled alongside Pharaoh Akhenaten for around fifteen years.

King Tutankhamen's Reign

1333 BC - 1323 BC

King Tutankhamen(also known as king tut) is one of the most famous of pharaohs of Egypt. Why? because his body was found in the 20th Century.

King Ramses II

1279 BC - 1213 BC

King Ramses II is regarded as the best Egyptian ruler of all time mainly because of his time on the throne

Queen Cleopatra VII

51 BC - 30 BC

Queen Cleopatra VII was the last ruler of the macedonian dynasty. During he time on the throne she made friends with Ancient Rome and had a relationship with Julius Caesar.