Late Republic


Gaius Marius

157 BC - 86 BC

Lucius Sulla

138 BC - 78 BC

Tiberius Gracchus

133 BC

Tiberius was elected tribune of the people and killed in the same year.

Gaius Gracchus

123 BC

Gaius Gracchus was the tribune of the people in 123 B.C.

Gnaius Pompeius

106 BC - 48 BC

Social Wars

90 BC - 88 BC

The allies exploded and went into rage mode when the tribune that was going to give them the vote was assassinated.

Cinna Dies

83 BC

Sulla's dictatorship

83 BC - 80 BC

During this time he tortured people and held his reign of terror called the proscriptions.


83 BC

Sulla signs a treaty with the Mithridates, then returns from war declaring himself dictator.

Sulla Dies

78 BC

Pompey's Return

62 BC

Crassus Joins Caesar and Pompey

60 BC

Crassus Dies

53 BC