The Road to the Final Solution


Hitler becomes Chancellor

January 30, 1933

Hitler becomes Chancellor even though over 70 percent of Germany did not vote for him.

First concentration camp

March 22, 1933

The first concentration camp, Dachau, was established. Political prisoners were incarcerated here at first.

Hitler announces state boycott

April 1, 1933

Hitler announces a state boycott of all Jewish businesses on a Saturday. It was a failure.

Book burnings

May 10, 1933

All over Germany, books by Jewish, handicapped, and undesirable authors are burned.

The Night of Long Knifes

June 30, 1934

The Night of the Long Knifes. Over 300 people on Hitler's hit list were murdered, many of them Hitler's own military.

Nuremburg Laws

September 10, 1935

Nuremburg Laws are released. These laws deprive the Jews of basic rights, such as citizenship and the right to marry whomever they would like.

The Olympics in Berlin

August 1, 1936

The Olympics in Berlin. Hitler establishes the torch run from Greece. Jesse Owens from the U.S. sets major world records.

Evian, France

July 1938

World leaders met in Evian, France to discuss what to do about Hitler. They decided to do nothing. Myron Taylor represented the U.S.

Deportations of Jews

October 1938

Deportations of Jews to other countries begin. Hitler's first idea was to just get them out of Germany.

Killing of Ernst Vom Rath

November 7, 1938

In response to a letter from his parents, who were deported from Germany, Herschel Grynzpan killed Ernst Vom Rath in the German embassy in Paris. He was arrested and killed.


November 9, 1938

In a nationwide pogrom called Kristallnacht, the Nazis and their collaborators burn synagogues and loot Jewish homes and businesses. Approximately 30,000 Jewish men imprisoned in concentration camps.