ancient greece


Dark ages

1100 b.c. - 750 b.c.

When Athens fell

800 b.c.

Athens fell because the Spartans destroyed Athens

When the war ended between Athens and Sparta

800 b.c.

When the first olympic games starded

776 b.c.

When the first democracy began

507 b.c.

A war began between Athens and Sparta

500 b.c.

Golden age

480 b.c.e - 479 b.c.e

when peace began

When the parthanon was built

448 b.c. - 432 b.c.

When athenas statue was built

438 b.c.e

When Athens began

431 B.C.

Athens was named after the Athena goddess of war and wisdom.

When the romans took over Greece

200 b.c. - 196 b.c.

when the olypimics ended

393 a.d.