The Cold War Era

The Cold War Begins

Cold War Begins

1945 - 1991

The Philippines


In The Philippines They Are Gaining The United States Independence Which Means That They Are Giving Them Quality And Great Being.

The Berlin Airlift


The United States Planes Break Threw A Soviet Blockade Supplying Items To The Berlin People Such As Food, Fuel, And Rather Other Needed Supplies

Korean War


In The Country Of Korea They Are Going To Experience A Very Big Change. Which Other Hands Means The Korean War Is Going To Begin.

Whats Happening In Cuba


What Is Happening In Cuba Is That Things Are Going To Change Cause A New Leader Has Came Into Power Which Is One Of The Most Common Dictators Known As FIdel Castro.

Fidel Castro Is In Power Of Cuba.

Friendship 7


Rocketing Into Orbit Is Going To Happen With A Astronaut Named As John Glenn. John Glenn Aboard And Blasts Off For A Orbit Around Earth.

Patrol In Vietnam


In Vietnam There Is Going To Be Patrolling In The Country Because Over Half A Million Troops Have Been Sent To Vietnam For Fighting.

Removing Troops


The United States Is Removing There Fellow Troops From Vietnam Cause Of The End Of The War. Which Means Taking Them Out Of Combat.

What Happens In South Vietnam


What Ends Up Happening In South Vietnam Is That The Communist Are Winning Control Over All Of South Vietnam causing The End Of The Vietnam War.

Berlin Wall


In 1989 Destruction Is Made In Berlin Cause The Berlin Wall Is Torn Down And This Is Destruction Done In Berlin.



In 1991 Statues Are Built Of Former Communist Such As Leaders Which Are Toppled As Communism Falls And The Soviet Union Breaks Up.