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Rio Treaty


This was an agreement signed in Rio de Janeiro among many countries. The main principle stated was that an attack against one country is considered to be an attack against them all.

First Grant to Ensure Frei As President


$230,000 was authorized by the US government to strengthen the Christian Democratic Party and the leader Frei.

Candidacy of Eduardo Frei Montalva


The United States supported the candidacy of Montalva in Chile, and supported his government in the implementation of urban and rural reforms.

Eduardo Frei


Elected Chile's President in 1964.

Second Grant to Ensure Frei as President

April 1964

The Johnson Administration authorized $3 million to ensure the election of the PDC Frei to Chilean Presidency

Spoiling Operation


March 25, 1970- US "40 Committee" approved a $125,000 spoiling operation designed to cause Allende's Popular Unity coalition to appear to the Chilean government as very dangerous.

Military Coup


There was a large amount of social and political unrest between the Congress of Chile and the elected socialist President Salvador Allende. Eventually, because of this tension, Allende was overthrown.


Reign of Terror


After the military coup, concentration camps were set up in Chile that held the thousands of political prisoners arrested for supporting Allende and were blamed for "spreading communism."


World Bank Stops Lending to Chile

1971 - 1973

No new bank loans were authorized to Chile during the Allende government.