The Origins of the Cold War


The Bolshevik Government


took power in 1917 espoused a Marxist anti capitalist ideology, championed world revolution.

Moscow's Regime


Soviet leaders withdrew their weary nation from the First World War by accepting a harsh peace from Germany. President Wilson worked to contain the Soviets by refusing to recognize the new government, aiding anti-Bolshevik forces, restricting trade, and sending thousands of American troops into Soviet Russia.

Red Scare

1919 - 1920

Wilson further demonstrated its vigorous anticommunism by suppressing radicals. The Soviet-American relations suffered deep fissures.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office


First American embassy in the Soviet Union opened


Nazi Soviet Pact


This marked the Soviet Union as one of the aggressors responsible for the outbreak of World War II.

German Attack

June 1941

Americans rejected the Soviet argument that Great Britain and The United States, by practicing appeasement towards Germany. It left the Soviet Union little choice but to make peace with Berlin in order to buy time to prepare for an expected German attack

United States entered World War II

December 1941



They agreed to open the second front

Dumbarton Oaks


Planned the United Nations Organization, this granted only the United States, the Soviet Union, and three other nations veto power in the Security Council.

Brenton Woods; World Bank founded


Second Front Opened

June 1944

Defeat of Germany and Japan


The Soviet Union and Great Britain crumpled quickly after the defeat of Germany and Japan

Yalta Conference

February 1945

Three leaders met again at Yalta Conference.

Yalta Conference

February 1945

The three leaders met again at the Yalta Conference.

The collapse of the Soviet Union