Timeline of the Muromachi Era

Muromachi Era 1337-1573

This period marks the governance of the Muromachi or Ashikaga shogunate.

The Kemmu Restoration

1333 - 1336

An attempt to reassert the prerogatives of the throne.

Establishment of the Ashikaga Shogunate

1336 - 1368

Nanboku-cho (South and North Courts Period)

1336 - 1392

Battle between the North and South Courts that lasted about 50 years.

Kitayama period

1336 - 1392

Government established in Kyoto


Takauji moved the government to Kyoto

Waring States Period (Sengoku Period)

1465 - 1573

Time, also known as Sengoku Period, where the was social revolution, and nearly constant military conflict.

Ashikaga Yoshiaki


End of the Muromachi Era when Ashikaga Yoshiaki was driven out of the Capital, Kyoto, by Oda Nobunaga.