World History Timeline


Mauryan Empire

303 BC

Mauryan Empire stretched more than 2,000 miles, uniting north India politically for the first time

Chandragupta's Son

301 BC

Chandragupta's son assumed the throne


269 BC

Asoka became king of the Mauryan Empire

Asoka Dies

232 BC

Asoka dies


185 BC

Wave after wave of Greeks, Persians, and Central Asians poured into northern India

Chandra Gupta

320 AD

Chandra Gupta I took the title "Great King of Kings"

Samudra Becomes King

335 AD

Samudra Gupta became king

Chandra Gupta II

375 AD

Chandra Gupta II also strengthened his empire through peaceful means by negotiating diplomatic and marriage alliances

Rule Ended

415 AD

Chandra Gupta ends his empire

Gupta Empire Falls Apart

535 AD

Gupta Empire broke into small kingdoms. Many were overrun by the Hunas or other Central Asian nomads

Temujin unifies the Mongols


Temujin accepts the title


Genghis Khan turns attention to Islamic region west of Mongolia


Central Asia was under Mongol control


Genghis Khan dies


Maurya Empire

Largest and most powerful political and military empire of ancient India