Charles Darwin's Birth. Pg. 4

February 12, 1809

Joined a day school.


Darwin's mother died.

July, 1817

Attended an Anglican boarder school with his brother.

September 1818

Worked as a doctors apprentice. Page 4


Entered courses at Christ College, Cambridge. Pg. 4

January 1828

Finished his final exams and came out tenth in his group. Pg. 4

January 1831

Darwin received a letter asking him to join the HMS Beagle. Pg. 4

August 29, 1831

The HMS Beagle leaves for the expedition. Pg. 5

December 27, 1831

Returned to England. Pg. 5

October 2, 1836

Darwin met Charles Lyell and Richard Owen.

october 29, 1836

Darwin reorganized his findings at Cambridge.

December 1836

Darwin presented his paper to the Geological Society of London

January 4, 1837

Darwin was elected to the Council of Geological Society.

February 17,1837

Darwin moves to London.

March 1837

Created note book B on variation to offspring.

July 1837

Darwin sufferd from severe health complications. Pg.6

September 20, 1837

Accepted the position of Secretary of the Geological Society.

March 1838

Darwin took a break from science.

June 23, 1838

Darwin returned to his studies.

July 1838

Darwin proposes to Emma Wedgwood. Pg. 6

November 11, 1838

Darwin first talks about artificial selection. Pg. 6

December 1838

Darwin was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

January 24, 1839

On The Origin Of Species went on sale. Pg. 6

November 22, 1859

Darwin's Death. Pg. 6

April 19, 1882