IR341 Final Timeline

Germany and USSR

Genoa Conference

April 1922

"Spirit of Rapallo"

April 1922

Death of Lenin

January 1924

Locarno Agreement

October 1925

Stalin comes to power


Soviet Class War Begins

December 1929

Down with the Kulaks!

Dizzy with Success Article

March 1930


1932 - 1933

Hitler becomes Chancellor

January 1933

Reichstag Burned

February 27 1933

NSDAP wins 44% - shift towards "United Front"

March 1933

Night of Long Knives

June 1934

USSR joins League of Nations

September 1934

Czech-Soviet Pact

May 1935


Franco-Soviet Pact

May 1935

Nuremberg Laws

September 1935

Beginning of Siegfried Line

March 1936

Hitler Occupies Rhineland

March 1936

Tukhachevsky Executed

June 1937

Purge in USSR

June 1937 - August 1937

Hossbach Memorandum

November 1937

Lord Halifax meets with Hitler

November 1937


March 1938

Partial Mobilization in Czechoslovakia

May 1938

Lord Runciman in Czechoslovakia

August 1938

tried to negotiate settlement between Czechoslovak gov. and Sudetenland Germans - eventually endorsed Hitler's plan of Sudetenland as part of Germany

Berchtesgaden Meeting

September 15 1938

Chambs flew to Germany to chat with Hitler about Sudetenland

Godesberg Memorandum

September 24 1938

Hitler's ultimatum on Sudetenland

Munich Agreement

September 30 1938

western powers gave up sudetenland to Hitler without inviting the Czechs

Hitler invades ALL of Czechoslovakia

March 1939

Stalin-Hitler Pact

August 1939

Invasion of Poland

September 1939

First Hitler, then Stalin 17 days later

Katyn Massacre

April 1940

Hitler invades Russia

June 21 1941

Anthropoid Deployed

December 1941

Wannsee Conference

January 1942

Heydrich dies

June 4 1942

Polish Committee of National Liberation declared

July 1944

Aka Lublin Committee

Stauffenberg bomb failure

July 1944

Warsaw Uprising starts

August 1, 1944

Warsaw Uprising ends

October 2 1944

Communist coup in Prague

February 1948

Slansky Executed

December 3 1951

Radio Warsaw announces WiN a dangle op

December 1952

Gorbachev becomes General Secretary of Communist Party



French mutual assistance agreements with Czechs and Polish

October 1925

CIA created by Truman


NATO formed


OKAPI established


Operation Great Sweeper

November 1951

John Paul II becomes Pope

October 1978

Dangle Ops and Such

VK recruited by Military Intelligence in Paris

September 1948

Gottwald and Slanksy invite Soviet advisors

September 1949

VK's fourth mission

December 1950

incident with the dog shooting, etc.

Stalin says Slansky needs to be fired

July 1951

Slansky dismissed

September 1951

OKAPI sends letter to Slansky

November 1951

Slansky arrested

November 24 1951

Slanksy executed

December 3 1952

VK held in prison

October 1966