Civil War


Abraham Lincoln was elected

November 1860

South Carolina left the union

December 20, 1860

The whole south left the union

February 1861

They chose a president, Jefferson Davis

February 1861

The confederates attacked Fort Sumter

April 12,1861

The confederate army won a battle in ball run

July 21,1861

The confederates have a general in chief, Robert E lee

June 1,1862

Lincoln made a document to free slaves, called Emancipation Proclamation

January 1, 1863

General Lee defeated the union army at Chancellorsville, Virginia

May 4 1863

The union won two victories at Gettysburg and Vickysburg

July 4 1863

General lee wanted his men, so he surrendered at Appomattox Court House

April 9 1865

President has been shot by John Wilkes Booth

April 15, 1865