World history timeline by Ethan Murdock




Temujin, a mongolian tribal leader comes to power and unites the Mongol tribes.

Genghis kan


Temujin accepts the name of Genghis khan which means universal ruler.

Jin empire invasion


Genghis khan invades the Jim empire

Control of Central Asia


Mongols control most of Central Asia by this time

Death of Genghis khan


Genghis khan dies from illness

Division of the empire


The Mongols decide their empire into four sections

Marco Polo


Marco Polo reaches china in 1275



Gone great khan sends huge fleets of ships to Japan

Death of Kublai khan


The great khan dies in 1294 which begins the decline of the Mongols.


Mauryan empire

321 BC

Chandgrupta gathers an army to kill the unpopular nanda king. He succeeds in 321 BC

Growth of the Mauryan empire

303 BC

By 303 the Mauryan empire stretched more than 2000 miles. It united north India politically for the first time.

New reign

301 bc

Chandraguptas son take the thrown. He ruled for 32 years.


269 BC

Asoka takes the throne at first he follows in chandraguptas foot steps. He waged war on many lands expanding his empire.

Mauryan empire falls

232 BC

After Asoka death the empire struggles to stick to together. It falls apart in 232.


185 BC

Greeks and Persians pour into the country. These invaders disrupt Indian society.

Chandra Gupta I

320 AD

Chandra Gupta I takes the title great king of kings. His empire consists of magadha and the land north of it.

Samudra Gupta

335 AD

Samudra Gupta takes the throne in 335 ad. He expanded the empire for 40 years.

Chandra Gupta II

375 AD

Chandra Gupta II takes the throne. He rules from 375-415

More invaders

415 ad

Different invaders threaten northern India

The end

535 ad

The Mauryan empire ends in 535. It was conquered by nomadic people