World History Timeline


1200 Temujin Seeks to Unify the Mongols


Temujin was a clan leader. He fought his way to power over fellow leaders.

1206 Genghis Khan united the empire


Temujin accepts the name of Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan means universal ruler of the Mongol clans.

1211 Invades Jin Empire


Genghis lead lots of invasions. A significant one was when he conquered the Jin empire, before he turned his attention towards the Middle East.

1225 Central Asia is Conquered


By this time, the Mongols old had conquered Central Asia.

1227 Genghis Khan's Death


Genghis Khan dies in 1227. He died of illness.

1260 Mongolia Splits Up


In 1260, Mongolia splits into four regions. These regions are called khanates.

1275 Kublai Khan Attempts an invasion on Japan


Kublai Khan sends out huge fleets to Japan to attempt invasion. It was unsuccessful.

1281 Kublai Khan attempts to invade Japan Again


Kublai Khan sends out another huge fleet to invade Japan, but a wind pushed them away from the shore and into rocks.

1294 Kublai Khan dies


Kublai Khan dies in 1294. After this, the Yuan dynasty begins to fade, resulting and rebellions in the overthrow of the dynasty.


321 BC - Nandra King Overthrown

312 BC

Chandragupta gathers an army. He overthrows the unpopular Nandra king.

303 BC - Mauryan Empire Expands

303 BC

Mauryan Empire had stretched 2,000 miles. North India was politically united for the first time evar.

301 BC - Chandragupta's Son Rules

301 BC

Chandragupta's son rules for 32 years. He would soon be passed by Chandragupta's grandson.

269 BC - Asoka takes the Throne

269 BC

Asoka takes the throne. He wages a bloody war with a neighboring state.

232 BC - Asoka Dies

232 BC

Asoka dies. Asoka was the former ruler of India.

185 BC - Invasions Begin

185 BC

Invasions start in 185 by Greeks and Persians. Last about 500 years.

320 AD - "King of Kings"

320 AD

Chandra Gupta is married. He then accepts the title of "King of Kings".

335 AD - Samudra Gupta becomes King

335 AD

Chandra Gupta has a son, Samudra. He becomes king.

375 AD - Chandra Gupta II Is King

375 AD - 415 AD

Chandra Gupta II becomes king. He rules for 40 years.

535 AD - End of an Empire

535 AD

The Maruyan Empire ends. At the wake, Richie provides a deep, inspirational slides how showing it's best and worst of times.

1398 - Timir the Lame


Delhi was invaded and destroyed. Delhi was rebuilt.

1494 - Babur


Babur inherits a kingdom. It was a tiny kingdom that was taken I by elders.

1526 - Babur as a General


Leads 12,000 troops against 100,000 troops and wins. Regarded as a great general.

1556 to 1605 - Akbar's Rule

1556 - 1605

Akbar is a tolerant ruler. Rules wisely.

1631 - Mumtaz Mahal Dies


Shah Jahan's wife dies. He builds the Taj Mahal in her honor.

1657 - Shiah Jahan Becomes Ill


Sons fight for throne. Aurangzeb wins by killing brothers and imprisoning father.

1658 to 1707 - Aurangzeb's Rule

1658 - 1707

Aurangzeb rules and wages war. Great famine happens and the empire declines.


1439 - 1464 Cosimo de Medici

1439 - 1464

Cosimo de Medici is the wealthiest European. He wins control of Florence.

1452-1519 Leonardo da Vinci

1452 - 1519

Leonardo da Vinci is alive. He is a sculptor and inventor.

1453 Turks Conquered Constantinople


Turks conquer Constantinople in 1453.

Late 1460's Donatello

1460 - 1469

Donatello's statue is made. It is of David.

1469 - Lorenzo de Medici


Lorenzo de Medici comes to power. Called Lorenzo the Magnificent.

1475-1564 Michelangelo Buonarroti

1475 - 1564

Michelangelo was a Renaissance man. He was like Leonardo.

1528 The Courtier


The Courtier shows how to become a renaissance man. Book is made in 1528.