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Electric Related Terms Such As Magnetism, Static, etc. Coined

January 1600 - February 1600

Work By: William Gilbert

Static Creating Machine Created

January 1660 - February 1660

Work By: Otto von Guericke

Electric Forces Can Be Observed in a Vacuum

january 1675 - february 1675

Work By: Robert Boyle

Discovery of Electric Conduction

January 1729 - february 1729

Work By: Robert Gray

Discovery of Resinous (Positive) and Vitreous (Negative) Electricity Types

january 1733 - february 1733

Work By: Charles Francois du Fay

Electricity Types Renamed Positive and Negative By: Benjamin Franklin and Ebenezer Kinnersley

Discovery That Static is Controllable & Leyden Jars Invented

january 1745 - february 1745

Work By: Georg Von Kleist and Pieter van Musschenbroek

Leyden Jars: containers designed to store static electricity

Several Important Discoveries in Notes

january 1747 - february 1747

Discovery of Electricity Existing in Electrical Fluid - Benjamin Franklin
Discharged Leyden Jar Begins Understanding of Current & Circuit - William Watson
Measurement of Conductivity Begins - Henry Cavendish

Proof Lightning is Electricity

June 1752 - July 1752

Work By: Benjamin Franklin

Discovery That Electricity Follows Newton's Inverse Square Law of Gravitation

january 1767 - february 1767

Work By: Joseph Priestly

Discovery That Nerve Impulses Based on Electricity

january 1786 - february 1786

Work By: Luigi Galvani

First Electric Battery Invented

january 1800 - february 1800

Work By: Alessandro Volta

First Energy Utility in US

january 1816 - february 1816

Electricity and Magnetism Relationships Confirmed

january 1820 - february 1820

Work By: Hans Christian Oersted

First Electric Motor

january 1821 - february 1821

Work By: Michael Faraday

Ohms Law - Voltage = Current x Resistance

january 1826 - february 1826

Work By: Georg Simon Ohm

Principles of Electromagnetic Induction, Transmission, and Generation

january 1831 - february 1831

Work By: Michael Faraday

First Industrial Use of Electric Motors

january 1837 - february 1837

First Fuel Cell

january 1839 - february 1839

Work By: Sir William Robert Grove

Edison Electric Light Co. and American Elecric & Illuminating founded

january 1873 - february 1873

Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Waves Traveling at Light Speed Possibility

january 1878 - february 1878

Work By: James Clerk Maxwell