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1200 GK unites

1200 - 1206

Around 1200, a Mongol clan leader named Temujin sought to unify the Mongols under his leadership. He fought and defeated his rivals one by one. It took six years.

1206 GK united

1206 - 1212

Genghis khan finally is united.

Jin empire invaded

1211 - 1225

invading the northern Jin Empire in 1211, however, his attention turned to the Islamic region west of Mongolia.

Mongols had control

1225 - 1227

By 1225 Mongols had complete control

GK died

1227 - 1228

Genghis khan died.


1260 - 1261

1260, the Mongols had divided their huge empire into four regions, or khanates. These were the Khanate of the Great Khan (Mongolia and China), the Khanate of Chagatai (Central Asia), the Ilkhanate (Persia), and the Khanate of the Golden Horde (Russia).

Marco polo

1275 - 1276

Marco Polo traveled by caravan on the Silk Roads with his father and uncle, arriving at Kublai Khan’s court around 1275.

Seizing Japan

1281 - 1282

Great Khan sent huge fleets against Japan to seize it.

The fade of Yuan

1294 - 1295

Kublai Khan died in 1294. After his death, the Yuan Dynasty began to fade.


Mauryan empire begins.

321 BC - 320 BC

Chandragupta gathered an army, killed the unpopular Nanda king, and in about 321 B.C. claimed the throne.

Mauryan empire expands

303 BC - 302 BC

By 303 B.C., the Mauryan Empire stretched more than 2,000

Chandragupta's son rules

301 BC - 219 BC

Chandragupta’s son assumed the throne. He ruled for 32 years.


269 BC - 232 BC

Asoka took control in 269 BC following in his grandfathers footsteps he wanted to expand.

Asokas death

232 BC - 231 BC

Asoka died in 232 B.C.


185 BC - 315 ad

For 500 years, beginning about
185 B.C., wave after wave of Greeks,
Persians, and Central Asians poured into
northern India.

New title

320 AD - 321 AD

Chandra Gupta I took the title “Great King of Kings” in A.D. 320.

New leader

335 AD





1434 - 1464

he won control of Florence’s government. He did not seek political office for himself, but influenced members of the ruling council by giving them loans. For 30 years, he was dictator of Florence.

Turks conquered Constantinople


Turks conquered Constantinople



His grandson, Lorenzo de Medici, came to power in 1469.



The 11 year old boy Babur inherited the empire.



Baldassare Castiglione wrote a book