Cold War Timeline

Cold War begins in 1945

Yalta Conference

February 4, 1945 - February 11, 1945

United States first used atomic bomb in war

August 6, 1945

Japanese Surrender, END OF WWII!!!!!!

August 14, 1945

Winston Churchill delivers "Iron Curtain" speech

March, 1946

Berlin Blockade begins

June 24, 1948

Berlin Blockade ends

May 12, 1949

NATO ratified

July, 1949

Joe McCarthy begins Communist witch hunt

February, 1950

Korean War begins

June, 1950

Rosenberg executions

June 19, 1953

Vietnam split at 17th parallel

July 1954

Warsaw Pact Formed

May, 1955

Khrushchev demands withdrawal of troops from Berlin

November, 1958

Cuba taken over by Fidel Castro


Khrushchev visits United States denied access to Disney Land

February, 1959

John F. Kennedy was elected president

November, 1960

Bay of Pigs Invansion

April, 1961

U.S. involvement in Vietnam increased


President Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, TX

November, 1963

Gulf of Tonkin incident

August, 1964

Announcement of dispatching 150,000 US troops to Vietnam

July, 1965

Soviet troops crush Czechoslovakian revolt.

August, 1968

President Nixon extends Vietnam war to Cambodia

April, 1970

Nixon resigned

August, 1974

North Vietnam defeats South Vietnam

April 17, 1975

President Reagan proposes Strategic Defense Initiative


Mikhail Gorbachev ascends to power in Soviet Union


Reagan & Gorbachev resolve to remove all nuclear missiles from Europe

October, 1986

Soviet troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

January 1989

Hungary becomes independent

September 1989

Berlin Wall falls

November 1989

Lithuania becomes independent

March 1990

Boris Yelstin elected to presidency of Russia

May 29, 1990

Germany reunited

October 30, 1990

End of Soviet Union... END OF COLD WAR!!!!!!!!

August 1991

Warsaw Pact ends

August 1991