World War 1 timeline


Assasination of French Franz Ferdinand


He was assasinated and that was what caused the start of World War 1 because Franz Ferdinand was an Austrian Archduke who was assassinated in Serbia.

start of World War 1


It was decided that World War 1 would start on this day an soon countries went out to war.

Britain Declares War


Britain declared war, because they wanted to help the belgian people defend themselves from the Germans.

The battle of the frontier

08/14/1914 - 08/24/1914

The battle of the frontier was one of the first wars in world war 1

Unofficial Christmas truce


The unofficial Christmas truce was a day of nowar during world war 1 since they said that the soldiers could be free for only one day, which was christmas.

Dardenelles/Gallipoli campaign begins


Soldier from Australia and other countries with the United Kingdom(Britain) were sent to fight for their country in this place in Turkey called Gallipoli.

The Zepplin air raid on Britain


Britain was Destroyed by an air raid by a group of German air balloon called the Zepplin

The battle of Verdun

02/21/1916 - 12/16/1916

The battle of Verdun was known to be one of the longest world War 1 battle. It went for about ten months and many soldiers were killed. The battle was between the French army and the German forces,it was an effort by the French to take German pressure off the French.

The battle of Somme

7/1/1916 - 11/16/1916

The battle was between the British Expeditionary Forces

Recovery of France and Belgium


France and Belgium decided to stay out of the fight and went into recovery while still in Germany.

World War 1 ends


The war to end all wars had ended and countries had stoped fighting the greatest war the world would have ever experienced and all countries made peace with eachother.

The Treaty of Versailles was signed by the Germans


The treaty was a peace treaty between the Germans and the Allies.It was held in Versailles simply because of its size.