World War 1


The assination of Franz Ferdinand


Franz Ferdinand and his wife was wanting to check-up on the Austro-Hungarian troops. The Black Hand supplied the students fully with weapons. The assassination occured when Franz Ferdinand and his wife came out of their car, as a Serbian nationalist student assassinated both of them.

The start of WW1


The blame was taken on from the Austrian government after wanting revenge from the Serbian government for the assassination.

Britain declares war


Germany was not taken away from Belgium, and Britain declared war to Germany.

The battle of the Frontiers

08/19/1914 - 08/29/1914

The Unofficial Christmas

12/24/1914 - 12/25/1914

The zeppelin air raid on Britain

01/19/1915 - 08/05/1918

Dardanelles/Gallipoli campaign begins

4/25/1915 - 1/9/1916

The Russian wanted to get help from Britain and France, so they could beat Turkey to war. This was then held at the Dardanelles.

The battle of Verdun


The Germans planned an attack on the French Verdun. The battle continued for 9 months, but the war was inconclusive.

Battle of the Somme


The five month lasting war was to break the boardment of the wire fences German had up. It succeeded without the mess from men and dirt craters.

Recovery of France and Belgium by the allies

10/1/1918 - 10/31/1918

The Treaty of versailles is signed


The end of WW1