Communication TImeline

Timeline of Communication

Writing Developed

7500 bc

Writing was developed in the Middle east

Printing Developed

868 ad

Printing was invented

The Chinamen Produced Books

1300 ad

The Chinamen that dwell in the far east, started to produce handmade books

First Books Printed

1450 ad

Developments in printing lead to the first books being printed

Electric Telegraph Developed

1837 ad

Cooke and Wheatstone invented the electric telegraph system

Morse Code Developed

1838 ad

Samuel Morse invented Morse Code

Trans-English Channel Telegraph Cable

1851 ad

Telegraph Cables laid from Britian to France

Telegraph Cables laid from Europe to Britian

1866 ad

Telegraph Cables laid from Europe to North America

Telephone Invented

1876 ad

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone