Untitled timeline


The Theory of Geocentrism

300 bc - 1616

4th Century B.C. The Geocentric theory was thought up by Plato and his apprentice Aristotle.

First Telescope

1610 - 1611

Galileo made the first telescope in 1610 and presented it on 1611.

The Theory of Heliocentrism

1616 - Present

390 B.C. The Heliocentric theory went through many astronomers but made an entry through many scholars by Galileo Galilei. Pythagoreans (the cult of Pythagoras) and mostly Philolaus (a Pythagorean) were thought to have made some sort of infrastructure. The first person to propose the idea of Heliocentrism was Aristarchus of Samos and a cult grew called the followers of Aristarchus. Indian philosopher Aryabhata, the man that discovered that pi was irrational, had some theory of Heliocentrism as well. Galileo Galilei is the most famous for his work for Heliocentrism.

First Satellite in Space

October 4 1957 - January 4 1958

October 4, 1957, The unmanned spacecraft Sputnik 1 was launched successfully into space. It was the first Earth satellite. It was from the USSR.

Earth's First Biosatellite

November 3 1957 - April 14 1958

November 3, 1957, Laika was a space dog which was in the spacecraft Sputnik 2. She died from overheating but was the first living thing from Earth in space. Laika was also the first animal to orbit the Earth which paved the way for human space flight.

First Earth Photo

February 17 1959

On February 17, 1959, The first photograph was taken of the earth by a US naval satellite called the Vanguard 2.

First Man to Orbit Earth

April 12 1961

April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space. He was carried in the Vostok 1. He was from the Soviet Union. He died in 1968 from a jet crash.

First US Manned Flight

February 20 1962

From the Mercury expedition, John Glenn became the first US man to reach space.

First Woman in Orbit

June 16 1963 - june 19 1963

The first woman of USSR decent is sent of to space.

First Space Walk

March 18 1965 - March 19 1965

The ship Voskhod 2 had the first man Alexey Leonov walk. This ship also was USSR.

First Man on Moon

July 16 1969 - July 19 1969

Apollo 11 was launched by the US and the first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

First International Coop Mission

July 15 1975

The Soyuz/Apollo missions from then on were coop with are new found companion the Russians.

Explosion of Challenger

January 28 1986

The whole crew died.

Explosion of Columbia

january 16 2003 - february 1 2003

The whole crew died in the explosion.

The First Privately Owned Ship

May 20 2004

The SpaceShipOne was the first private space plane that was designed by Burt Rutan.