Heinrich Himmler


Date of Birth

October 7 1900

Nazi joining

August 1923

Marched against German Government

November 9 1923

Married Margarete Boden


Appointed to Reichsfuhrer of the SS

January 6 1929

Creates the SD

July 1931

Established the SS Race and Settlement Office

December 1931

Hitler is appointed to chancellor of Germany

January 1933

Obtains command of all political police departments

1933 - 1934

Appointed to President of Police in Munich

March 9 1933

Becomes chief of German police

June 17 1936

Germany invades Poland

September 1 1939

Joined the SD and createdthe Reich Security Main office

September 27 1939

Got appointed to Reich Commisar for the Strenghthening of German Ethnic Stock

October 7 1939

Himmler Heydrich and Hitler decide to annihiliate the Jews

January 1941 - December 1941

Nazis invade the Soviet Union

June 22 1941

Himmler gets put in charge of security, race, and settlement tasks in Russia

july 16 1941

Goring gives Heydrich duty to create a complete solution to the Jewish Question

July 31 1941

Himmler put five killing centers in Poland to kill European Jews

December 1941 - July 1942

Hitler appoints Himmler MInister of the Interior

July 1943

Hitler appoints Himmler to commander-in-chief of Army group Upper Rhine

December 1944

Himmler tries to offer surrender, but Hitler fires him for it

April 28 1945 - April 29 1945

Hitler commits suicide

April 30 1945

Nazis sign surrender document

May 7 1945

Russian soldiers capture Himmler and turn him over to the British

May 20 1945

Himmler commits suicide

May 23 1945