dance history


Swan Lake

1500 - 1895

Began in 16th century during Renaissance in France & Italy
1890s - takes place in St. Petersburg in Russia, Italy, France, and Denmark

Art Nouveau

1890 - 1914

Natural, organic forms rather than geometric forms; curvy lines; decoration

Beginning of modern dance


Shift in modern dance --> women in America

Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan

1877 - 1927

-idea of "new woman"
-very flowing, Greek; sense of openness; natural
-movement theory: all movement originates from solar plexus (starting from center rand emanated out)

La Marseillaise


-becomes politically engaged, and interested in revolutionary political events happening in Europe
-dances to French national anthem
-surprised audience that she would dance to such a political theme when focus was on peasant girl ballet
-unusual role for dancer to come out and dance when a lot of men were being killed in war

Marche Slav


-danced to this after Russian Revolution
-used this music because it has one of themes that empirical Russian anthem said "God Save the Tsar"
-Tchaikovsky (Russian composer)
-song associated with revolution and battle

The Mother - Gemze


-Starts in far corner and brings children with her like an emotional journey
-use of diagonal space
-expressive use of space
-shaft of light

Revolutionary Etude


-a dance made in solidarity with Russian revolution
-was asked by Russian government to create a school in St. Petersburg and she did so