The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement

NACCP and CORE set up


MIA is set up

5 December 1955

They planned and organised a bus boycott and organised lifts and carpools for the black people. 70% of the bus users were black which they hoped would make a significant difference. The boycott went on for 381 days.

The Supreme Court ruled segregation on the buses 'unconstitutional' as of 21 Dec

19 December 1956

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is set up in opposition


Peaceful Protest

King's home is bombed by opposition


Martin Luther King jailed


The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to get up from a seat

1 December 1955

Rosa Parks trial

5 December 1955

Using the law

1896 Plessy v Ferguson ruled 'separate but equal'


President Truman thought it was time to make sure civil rights law were enforced


June 1951 - Brown v Topeka (school segregation)


NACCP combined 4 cases in the Brown v Board of Ed


Supreme Court ruled school segregation was unconstitutional

17 May 1954

But there was no actual deadline for when integration had to be done

School Officials tried to integrate Central High School, Arkansas


NAACP had a plan for the Little Rock Nine that they would all go to school together, but Elizabeth Eckford came by herself due to a mix up. Orville Faubus meanwhile sent out the national guard to prevent blacks entering the school. Elizabeth was followed by a mob, turned away by the guards and had to go through the mob again. The same happened to the other 8 but they came together.

After this, there was worldwide publicity and Eisenhower had to intervene and made the Arkansas troops guard the nine

Faubus closed the school


Central High was integrated


2.3 % of black children were attending desegregated schools


Integrating Little Rock

Sit-ins and freedom riders

The Greensburo four organised a sit in at Woolworths - SNCC set up


Supreme Court passed a law to desegregate facilities in bus stations


CORE and SNCC decided to test this out but lots were jailed and arrested


At Anniston one of the buses were firebombed


Opposition to the civil rights movement

White Citizens Council form and Klu Klux Klan take violent action

1954 - 1962

James Meredith was the first black student to go to the Uni of Mississippi


There were large scale riots and they had to be put down by federal troops. He began school the next day with 15,000 troops to keep the peace