American Revolution


Boston Tea Party


A couple of British soldiers fired on a crowd of Bostonians who were being disruptive, killing five people. The crowd had gathered to protest the Townshend Acts ("Boston Massacre").

Boston Tea Party


A group of Boston citizens organized a protest of the Tea Act and dumped 500,000 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor ("Boston Tea Party").

Intolerable Acts


Americans were taxed even heavier. They were taxed without representation, which only made them angrier ("Intolerable Acts").

Battle of Lexington and Concord


This is the event that began the Revolutionary War. The British were forced to retreat by American minutemen ("Battle of Lexington and Concord").

Battle of Saratoga


This was one of the major battles of the war. American victory convinced the French to support the American revolutionaries in their war ("Battle of Saratoga").

Articles of Confederation


this was the first constitution of the United States. It wasn't very effective because it didn't create a strong central government ("Articles of Confederation").

Battle of Yorktown


This was the final battle of the American Revolution, where George Washington captured the British general Cornwallis, which led to British surrender ("Battles of Yorktown").

Treaty of Paris


This ended the American revolutionary war and gave the colonists their much-wanted independence from Britain ("Treaty of Paris").