Eva Galler Life Timeline


Eva Galler Born

January 1, 1924

Born in Oleszyce, Poland

Eva Gets a Job Assigned a Job

June 1, 1941

Germany takes over Poland, Eva gets assigned a job of working on tax books because of her education. She is paid in bread.

March to Ghetto


Forced by Nazis to march to a ghetto and live there

The Big Jump


Gathered up to go to concentration camp, put on train, and when they leave, her dad tells her and her brother and sister to jump off of the train. Her brother and sister are shot, but Eva lives and escapes going to the concentration camp.

Eva Galler Moves


Eva Galler moved to USA

Eva Galler Gets Married


Eva Galler was married to an Aushwitz surviver in 1954, just before she moved to the USA

Eva Galler Dies

January 5, 2006

Died in Dallas, Texas